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Day 1: Arrive at airport 
- 100km drive to “Luut nar tour” own camp accommodation. /beautiful sightseeing nature, Dugan and Yol Khad/
Day 2: Aglag Monastery travel 
- 10km away from camp site.
- Horse riding/hiking
Day 3: Back to City to take off to Ulgii Airport
- Travel Ulgii city /1600km drive from camp/
- Stay overnight with hiking horse riding
Day 4: “Eagle Hunt” 
- Hiking/ horse riding/ fishing
Day 5: “     Ulgii  ”
- Hiking/ horse riding/ fishing
Day 6: Back to Ulaanbaatar City
- City tour
- Night out
Day 7: Back to “Luut Nar Tour” Camp site
- Fire Festival 
- Mongolian Culture introduction
- Hiking to small and big Dugan Khad /108m tall rock/
Day 8, 9 Stay over 2nights with local nomadic family whose have horses, cows, sheep and goats.
- Live like a family member
- Mongolia nomad daily life.
Day 10: Back to Airport
- Depart from Mongolia. 
- Souvenir gift 


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